Election 2016

Primary season for the 2016 Presidential election is quickly approaching. Many candidates are exploring whether they should run or not, and as the year moves along, some of those candidates will declare that they are candidates for their party’s nomination.

As a person announces their candidacy, their name will be listed below (and have a line through it if they later drop out). Any party that has access to 270 Electoral Votes is included.



2016.73(February & March)
(April – June)




President: Former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Vice-President: Senator Tim Kaine (VA)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)*; former-Governor Martin O’Malley (MD); former-Governor Lincoln Chafee (RI); former-Senator Jim Webb (VA); Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig

*Since Senator Bernie Sanders is technically an Independent, he will not appear in blue. He caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate, and is running for the Democratic nomination.


President: Businessman Donald Trump
Vice-President: Governor Mike Pence (IN)

Governor John Kasich (OH); Senator Ted Cruz (TX)Senator Marco Rubio (FL); Dr. Ben Carson; former-Governor Jeb Bush (FL); former-Governor Jim Gilmore (VA); Senator Rand Paul (KY)former-HP CEO Carly Fiorinaformer-Governor Mike Huckabee (AR); former-Senator Rick Santorum (PA); former-Governor George Pataki (NY); Senator Lindsey Graham (SC); former-Governor Rick Perry (TX)Governor Bobby Jindal (LA); Governor Chris Christie (NJ); Governor Scott Walker (WI)


President: Former-Governor Gary Johnson (NM)
Vice-President: Former-Governor William Weld (MA)

Author Robert David Steele; businessman John McAfee; activist Austin Petersen; Dr. Marc Allan Feldman


President: Dr. Jill Stein
Vice-President: Human rights activist Ajamu Baraka

activist Darryl Cherney; Kent Mesplay


To help check facts from the candidates, parties, politicians, and Super-PACs, turn to Politifact and FactCheck.org. Also check out PunditFact.

InDeclaration does not endorse any candidate or party.  We encourage you to look over all of them and make your decision based on the facts and where they stand on the issues you care most about.

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