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Recently, the Texas GOP announced its 2010 party platform.  In amongst this platform were several anti-LGBT policies.  These were… 1) Gay people shouldn’t have custody of children;  2) Issuing a marriage license or performing a marriage ceremony for same-sex couples should be punishable by jail time;  3) 19th century statutes outlawing sex between men should be restored  (this also includes any type of oral sex between homosexuals and heterosexuals);  and 4) Homosexuality “tears at the fabric of society.”  The national Republican National Convention (RNC) has yet to distance itself from what the Texas GOP has put down as its platform… at least as of the time that I am writing this.  And even with just these four things (since I’m not even looking at the rest of the platform for this entry), I must say that the Republican leadership in the state of Texas has its head on backwards.

I like how they want to restore a 19th century statute outlawing sex between men.  I think we, as a society, have evolved a bit more since the 19th century… though I could be wrong since I have really visited Texas.  So they could still be fumbling around in the dark and using out-houses for all I know.  But the ironic thing is that the US Supreme Court has already overturned all anti-sodomy laws in 2003 with the case Lawrence v. Texas.  That’s right, the case actually came out of Texas, so you’d think that the Texas GOP would know this.  I mean, if they were to pass an anti-sodomy law, the courts would be abiding by that case.  If a case made it to the Supreme Court (by some weird ass chance), the ruling from the previous case would probably be upheld since nothing has really changed.  The 2003 ruling was 6-3 and overturned a previous ruling of the case of Bowers v. Hardwick.  The Lawrence v. Texas verdict overturned many anti-sodomy laws throughout the country… including in my own home state of Missouri.  The court said that intimate consensual conduct was part of the liberty protected by substantive due process under the 14th Amendment.

So what does the Texas GOP see in reopening this?  It’s probably just a ploy to get out more of their base since it’s anti-gay measures… and it worked so well in 2004 (and probably works in several states still to do this day).  But, in all honesty, I’m afraid that I must inform the voters of Texas that they’re opening a can of worms that’s already emptied out.  For now, Lawrence v. Texas is the law… and it’s highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will overturn such a law simply because the state wants to bring them back.  The Court, though it has new justices on the bench, hasn’t changed that much in its makeup since 2003.  So I’d have to say that Texas Republicans are definitely behind the times on this… and for them to have even brought it up is simply comical and a major dumbass move.

As for wanting jail time for anyone issuing a marriage license or performing a same-sex marriage… again, I have to go to the obvious.  It’s already illegal in the state of Texas and has been since November 2005.  So how (and why) would people be issuing a same-sex marriage license in a state that doesn’t recognize it?  It seems to me that it be would be sort of futile.  And honestly… jail time for this?  Did Texas become part of African nation of Uganda somewhere along the way that we aren’t aware of?  That seems rather harsh.  A stiff fine might be more of the correct punishment… but not jail time.  I don’t think they are going to find many people even now that are out there in the state giving out same-sex marriage licenses.  Just doesn’t make much overall sense.

And how about these last two things… gay people shouldn’t have custody of children and homosexuality “tears at the fabric of society”?  What a load of BS.  And I wish people didn’t easily believe all this complete nonsense as they already do.  There are many many happy, stable gay families… whether the children are biological or adopted.  And these children grow up just fine because they have a happy, healthy, and loving home life.  And there are many heterosexual couples that should never be allowed to procreate ever as they are the exact opposite.  The Texas GOP wants to make gay people out to be bad parents because of their sexuality but leave it to where heterosexuals are OK… even if they are creating a bad home.  Seems a bit ass-backwards.  And as for homosexuality tearing the fabric of society… I think the person who came up with it needs to stop inhaling the oil fumes.  The LGBT community is just like most other communities in our nation… we work, we pay our taxes, we try to create a loving and happy home for ourselves, etc.  If all of us in our society had equal rights, then society would benefit and prosper from this.  And things would be a lot less confusing.  What actually tears apart society is hatred and discrimination.  When we are fighting each other…and fighting to keep another group of citizens down, then all we are doing is holding our society back by not allowing everyone to participate on equal footing and to rise to success.

I’ve only tackled these four elements of the Texas GOP platform.  The rest I will leave to the Texas voters to look into.  The point that I was trying to make, though, was that the Texas GOP was really out of step with the real world and how things are working these days in the 21st century… which is far more advanced than the 19th century that they are wanting to.  And the RNC really needs to take a hard look at this platform to determine if they want this type of platform to reflect on it, as well…and continue to have the image of not being inclusive of other people that are different from their base constituency.  The RNC needs to realize that the LGBT-community is not the enemy and that all we are attempting to achieve is equality… put this anti-LGBT platform crap behind them and to stop using our community as a wedge issue to bring out voters.  They would be wise to distance themselves from the Texas GOP and to start embracing a more open stance toward equal rights.


US Supreme Court case of Lawrence v. Texas

HRC’s Petition to the RNC to reject the Texas GOP Platform


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