A Fight For A Generation

In the great annals of American history, each generation has witnessed a great movement take root to fight for freedom when it has been denied, and today’s generation is no different.  My parents and grandparents were at the heart of the civil rights movement.  My great-grandparents saw the fight for woman’s rights.   Before that the nation was embroiled in the civil war and its aftermath…a struggle that tested the founding principles of our nation.  We can even go back to the generation that declared our independence.  Our generation follows in big footsteps, but our quest for our rights is by no means any less insignificant.

We are met on the front lines of our conflict by those who wish to keep liberty for themselves and squash it for others.  I do not question the beliefs upon which these people hold to, but rather the concept that their beliefs are being upheld and used to deny me my rights and liberty as an American citizen and as a human-being.

The LGBT-community is vast and diverse and not limited to any one nation.  It is imperative that we continue our fight here at home and give voice to those in other places of the world that cannot express themselves or the struggles that they must endure.  We are one within our community and no one’s voice shall be silenced because of an overreaching government that curtails individuality and personal freedoms.

Today, the conflict is still being waged.  And though the battlefield may have changed, the common goal that unites us as a community continues to burn within.  We are not fighting for assimilation but rather integration… to be full productive members of the society in which we live.  Our sense of pride within our community will always be in our hearts and our souls.  We must not look towards the past at what we have already lost.  Instead, we must continue the push into the future and what we are about to gain.  What we have done and what we are about to do will resonate for all the generations that are yet to come.


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