In The Land of Lincoln

Last week, the state of Illinois held its primary election.   This determined who would be running in the general election for Governor/Lt. Governor, the Senate seat once held by President Obama, and the Congressional districts.  However, there was something interesting in the air on this particular election day.  It seemed as if the people could not make up their minds on who they wanted to run for Governor.  In the Republican party, you had two candidates with approximately 20% of the vote, and a third candidate at 19%.  There were 7 candidates in all running for the Republican nomination to be Governor.  But that fails in comparison to the Democrats.  They had two major candidates running for the nomination…. current Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes.  Both ended up with 50% of the vote.  And after several days, it was announced that Governor Pat Quinn would be the party’s nominee for Governor.

Now, I’m not here to endorse any candidate (either Democrat or Republican) over another.  It’s rare…I know.  I grew up in the state of Illinois and spent the majority of my life thus far as an Illinois resident, though I’m not one currently.  But the state still means a lot to me.  There are times even now that I’ll say that I’m an Illinoisan at heart though I’m now a Missouri citizen… or maybe it’s that I’d rather be seen as corrupt than ass-backwards.  Who knows…  In any case, I don’t follow what’s going on in the state as closely as I used to since I have moved, but something this time has caught my eye in particular.

The Republicans are going after the Democrats on corruption, which is really nothing that shocking for Illinois residence.  Current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was elected the Lt. Governor in the last election 4-years ago.  He became Governor in January 2009 when then-Governor Rod Blogajevich was impeached and removed from office on federal corruption charges.  Now, it has been determined that Pat Quinn was not involved in the scandal that brought down Mr. Blogajevich, but still the Republican party is going to try to hang him on this.  And since the average voter only has a short-term memory, it might actually work.  It’s the mentality that this party is corrupt, and I’ve lost faith in it…so now I’m going to vote for the other party.  And because of this short-term memory problem, the voting public keeps going back and forth and nothing ever changes.  In fact this time, it’s almost a bit or irony.

Illinois voters need to actually think back.  Eight-years ago, Rod Blagojevich and Patt Quinn were elected into office over the corruption of then Republican Governor George Ryan.  Now George Ryan was not impeached or removed from offce (nor was he even running for reelection), but his misdeeds were known and cost the Republicans the election.  (And oddly enough, the Republican candidate also had the last name of Ryan, though he was of no relation.)

So is it proper that the voting public say that they aren’t voting for the Democratic candidate simply because the last elected Governor was impeached, removed, and is actually now serving jail time?  Not really.  In fact, because both parties have proven to be just as corrupt, I have an even better solution for all the voters.  Vote them all out and start over.  Start with third party candidates (not including anyone represented by the Tea Party dumbasses).  It is often said that voting for a third-party candidate is throwing away your vote, but think about it for a moment.  If everyone who was tired of the corruption BS from both parties, and those that have decided not to vote for the incumbent party because of the latest corruption got together, then that third party candidate could win.  And it could possibly be a better candidate in the long run….unless that particular candidate is a murderer, rapist, or pedophile.

So, overall, I’m asking for the people of Illinois to think about the bigger picture when it comes to their candidates this year.  Remember, former Governors George Ryan (Republican) and Rod Blagojevich (Democrat) were both corrupt and are now doing jail time after being found guilty on federal charges.  So to me, it would seem like neither party has really earned (or deserves) your vote come November.  As the old saying goes…kick them all out.  Maybe its time we as voters listen to that motto, rather than just repeat it to people up until election day.


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