Uganda’s Final Solution

(**This is an edited & up-to date blog entry that is based on the previous entry.**)

One would assume that we have the ability to learn our mistakes in history so as we don’t allow them to happen again.  And yet, here in 2009, we find ourselves confronting a most egregious atrocity in the making.

A member of the Uganda Parliament has introduced a bill that would basically make it illegal for a person to be a homosexual.  This new legislation states that the minimum sentence for anyone having gay sex would be life imprisonment.  If the accused person is HIV-positive, a serial offender, a “person on authority” over the other person, or if one is under the age of 18, a conviction would carry the death penalty.  It would not matter if the sex was consensual between two adults, if the HIV status was disclosed, or if condoms were used.  And the bill doesn’t stop there either.  It would require members of the public to report any homosexual activity to authorities within 24-hours or risk up to three-years in jail.  Overall, it sounds like a witch-hunt, not unlike those from Salem or Ipswich, Massachusetts, that will end in something that will resemble Hitler’s Final Solution.

Most will turn themselves off from caring because this involves an African nation, and most times, we tend to turn a blind eye to anything happening in Africa.  I’m sure that’s how we tried to reason the reports on what Hitler was doing to the Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.  It was in another country in another part of the world and, therefore, didn’t concern us.  And if some connection to the US must be made… this entire situation is being aided by a US-linked evangelical campaign that alleges that homosexuality can be cured and that gay men are trying to recruit school children.  You’d think the general populace would think differently than that.  But even an educated populace here in this country still believes that nonsense, so we can’t expect the people of Uganda to know any better…especially when they are being brainwashed into believing such lies.

Is it possible that this legislation will die out and go away?  Not likely.  Because of Uganda’s deep homophobia and the US-linked campaign, the movement is going strong and has widespread support of the people and even the backing of the Ugandan president.  So I ask, what’s next?  Burning people at the stake?  Concentration/death camps?  Gas Chambers?  One must remember that what Hitler did also had the backing of the people after he spread lies that made the Jews the evils of society.

I know that homosexuality goes against many, if not all, religions.  But the line must be drawn when you are forcing your religious beliefs onto someone else.  You might not like homosexuality…and you might be against it.  But, in the end, what gives you the right to determine that it’s wrong?  And the death-penalty?  Really now?  That’s like trying to put someone to death because they have blond hair or brown eyes.  It doesn’t make any sense.  And spreading lies to a population that knows no better when you know that the outcome for some is going to be death for just being themselves simply screams of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s Final Solution.  Shouldn’t we all have learned from this already?  Why must we repeat it again?  Religion should be about love and tolerance…not about persecuting those around us that are different from us.

We all, as free citizens of the world, need to rise up and put a stop to it here and now.  We aren’t going to let innocent people die for being who they are.  We are going to give those people one big, loud, and powerful voice.  Not everyone can speak out against their government.  It is a right that we in the US are very fortunate to have.  So we must, through ourselves and through every means at our disposal, speak out against those governments that would do harm onto its LGBT citizens in which those said citizens have no voice of their own to be heard.  This type of Final Solution must not happen anywhere ever, and it is our job as free citizens to be steadfast in our observations and diligent in all our efforts to thwart such horrors from ever happening again.

(**This is an edited & up-to date blog entry that is based on the previous entry.**)


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