The New Final Solution?

It would appear that history is once again trying to repeat itself in part of the world.  First, let me take you back to exactly what grave mistake that is trying to happen again.  Picture it….Europe in the late 1930s and into the 1940s.  Hitler is running mad across the European continent.  And along the way, he’s imprisoning Jews and executing them.  This plan has a name.  It’s called “The Final Solution”, and its goal is to rid Europe of every Jew it has.  Forced labor, starvation, gas chambers, chemical showers, being shot execution style, digging ones own grave…these are just some of the horrors of this final solution that Hitler had going on.

You’d think that we would have learned from this and that by 2009, we wouldn’t be letting it happen.  We went to war in the Balkans for this…twice.  And genocide has happened many times in Africa…which usually the world tends to turn a blind eye to until it hits the mainstream media.  And even then, it’s still kind of shrugged off.  However, in the last month, a Ugandan elected official has put for a bill in the Uganda parliament that would have any gay person put to death within the country.  With this, one must ask if we have taken a step backwards in time.  And is this possibly a newer version of Hitler’s “Final Solution”?

The bill describes this charge as engaging in “gay sex” with a person under the age of eighteen, or a partner with a physical disability (their consent does not factor). The charge also applies if the accused has HIV (regardless of whether a condom was used or not).

Further to this, the bill seeks to criminalize the “promotion” and “dissemination” of materials that are affirming of homosexuality, meaning that a charity that helps any known homosexual, for whatever reason, could fall foul of this egregious and ill-defined law.

Frighteningly, the bill also mandates that, should an individual reveal their sexuality to a relative or friend, they must be reported to the authorities within 24 hours. If the relative/friend does not report that individual, both parties could be fined or face prison sentences. This extends to those who know of relatives who have left Uganda to enter same-sex partnerships in another country.

And if you actually read further into the bill that had been proposed, you catch how serious this MP is taking the subject matter.  It reads that any person could be sentenced to life imprisonment for touching another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality.

This is insane for 2009.  Now, fortunately for now, the MP has tabled his anti-gay bill.  But the fact still remains that it was ever introduced in the first place.  And what’s to stop him from doing it again?  Just because this is happening in an African nation doesnt’ mean that we should turn a blind-eye to it.  Once the devil is out of hell…it’s hard to get him to go back.  The United States government knew what Hitler was doing long before the press really got ahold of the story, and they did nothing.  And look how many thousands had to die.  In this day and age, we need to have learned our lesson from that and need to stop it before it ever starts.

I know that homosexuality goes against many, if not all, religions.  But the line must be drawn when you are forcing your religious beliefs onto someone else.  You might not like homosexuality…and you might be against it.  But, in the end, what gives you the right to determine that it’s wrong?  And the death-penalty?  Really now?  That’s like trying to put someone to death because they have blond hair or brown eyes.  It doesn’t make any sense.

As I said earlier, luckily the bill was tabled for now.  But it could come back again.  And the citizens of the world need to be paying close attention because if it does, we all need to rise up and put a stop to it here and now.  This bill would be no different from Hitler’s “Final Solution” and this time…we aren’t going to let innocent people die for being who they are.  We are going to give those people one big, loud, and powerful voice.  Not everyone can speak out against their government.  It is a right that we in the US are very fortunate to have.  So we must, through ourselves and through every means at our disposal, speak out against those governments that would do harm onto its LGBT citizens in which those said citizens have no voice of their own to be heard.  This type of Final Solution must not happen anywhere ever, and it is our job as free citizens to be steadfast in our observations and diligent in all our efforts to thwart such horrors from ever happening again.


3 Responses to The New Final Solution?

  1. James S. says:

    Apparently, this bill in Uganda hasn’t gone away, and the free citizens of the world need to condemn the Ugandan MP before it passes…and let our voices be heard and to speak for those that can’t (especially those in Uganda right now).

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