Fire from Heaven

It was on February 15, 1898, when the US battleship, the USS Maine, exploded suddenly as it sat in Havana Harbor in Havana, Cuba.  The result of this explosion was the start of the Spanish-American War…and the rallying cry “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!”  But now, a different Maine is on the brink of exploding onto the front pages of history.  And the consequences of this could be disastrous.  The state of Maine, through the republican processes upon which this nation was founded, passed a law that legalized same-sex marriages earlier this year.  It was the fifth state to do so and was a monumental victory for equality.  But the opposition wasn’t about to take this lightly.  Instead, they gathered their signatures and are once again turning this into a situation where majority rules over minority rights.  And why shouldn’t they?  After all, we all watched as Prop 8 passed in California in November 2008, when a majority stripped away equal rights.

In 2009, we have made great strides in equality from coast to coast.  From New England to the Midwest to the Northwest, there have been good people who have been willing to stand up for the greater good of all citizens.  But yet again, all of these strides are under attack from those narrow-minded individuals that think that just because they believe in something that we all should, too.  We sat back and watched Prop 8 pass thinking and believing that it wouldn’t.  This time around we must not be so idle.  We must not take any step for granted.  We must be willing to stand and fight.  These rights are for us and for all those generations that come after us.  We must be willing to put up a defensive position and hold our ground.  We must prove to our opponents that We Can and We Will adapt to their new tactics again and that we will fight for our futures.  A new rallying cry shall come forth…”Remember Prop 8 before it’s too late!”

We are going to fight in Maine!  We are going to fight in Washington!  We are going to fight in Iowa!  We are going to fight in Wisconsin!  Prom coast to coast, we are going to gather in force to hold our ground…to hold our rights…and to push the opposition back to halls from which they came from.  No longer will we allow them to walk all over us.  No longer will we allow them to control our Future and our Destiny.  The time has come!  The moment is Now!  The line is drawn here.  It will be 2009 that history will record as the turning point in the equal-rights revolution.

But none of this can be accomplished without all of us working together for our common future.  We must gather in places like Maine, Washington, Iowa, and Wisconsin to ensure that the voting masses are aware of what is at stake and how they can change history.  We will set the world and heavens on fire this November with our fortitude, our determination, and our courage.  We will show that a new age is upon us – one that brings together all ages and all walks of life that can work together for the greater good of all.

There is no other time and no other moment.  This is when we step up.  This will mark our turning point.  I know that I will be in my place fighting for my rights and yours.  The question you must ask yourself is where will you be?  Are you willing to answer the call of the beating drum to battle?  Are you willing to stand up and fight for your rights?  It is My future…It is Your future…It is All our futures that we are fighting for!  And now let us mobilize – let us defend – let us shock the heavens for ourselves and for our future!

Remember Prop 8 before it’s too late!!


One Response to Fire from Heaven

  1. Susan says:

    Very nice, James! Very well put and inspiring. I’m glad we/you posted it.

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