And That’s The Way It Is

This blog isn’t so much a news blog as it is a blog of my views on certain topics.  I do try to point out facts and try to approach things from a logical and rational point of view.  Sometimes, my goal is to get information out there; other times, it’s to get the masses motivated; and then there are also those times that I just want you to think about something.  But today, I’m doing something quite different from all of that.  Today, I’m paying tribute to a news legend….Walter Cronkite, who died late yesterday at the age of 92.

Cronkite is the symbol of news greatness and there have been no others like him since.  He was broadcast into people’s homes every night from 1962-1981.  I’m actually just a little too young to remember Mr. Cronkite doing the news….retiring a year after I was born.  However, the memory I do have involves going to the theatre for a play…my first ever professional production…and who was doing the voice-over narration.  Well, it was none other than Walter Cronkite.  Now, the narrator was never seen, so it was doubtful he was actually there in person.  But still something cherished, nonetheless.

It was Cronkite who broke in on November 22, 1963, to say to Americans that their President had been shot…and then later delivered the news that he had died.  He covered Vietnam, and made his own announcement in 1968 that the war was not winnable….making President Johnson say that if he had lost Cronkite, he had lost middle America.  From the Civil Rights movement to the Apollo 11 Moon Landing to Watergate to the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Americans turned to one man for it all…and he never let them down.

He was TV’s first anchorman…the term being coined just for him.  A true journalist from the beginning all the way until the end.  To him, news wasn’t about hype or speculation.  It was all about delivering the facts of the story only and giving the people the information they needed to know.  He believed in accuracy, objectivity, and understated compassion.

I was saddened early this morning when I learned of his passing late last night.  As a man that works in the news industry, we all try to live up to the standards that he set….though we all fall well short of it in today’s news business.  He was one of a kind.  At 92, he lived a long life and witnessed history unfold from the greatest position possible….right from behind the news desk.

From this newsman…Cronkite has been missed since leaving the news business…and now, he will be missed even more.  So for one final time, we pay tribute to the man who gave so many a front row seat to history.

“And THAT’s the way it is.”


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