Granite Tough

On June 21, 1788, the state of New Hampshire became the 9th state to officially ratify the United States Constitution thus giving it the 2/3rd votes that it needed to become the law of the land.  The vote was close that day….57 to 47, but the state proved that it was truly made of granite that day by realizing that this new nation was going to need a new form of government if it was going to succeed.  And then came yesterday, June 3, 2009, in which the state of New Hampshire once again that its heart is still made of the granite that it is so known for.  The state legislature, both the House and the Senate, voted in favor of same-sex marriage.  It was signed shortly after by the Governor of the state, Jim Lynch, thus making New Hampshire the 6th state in the union to allow same-sex marriage.

On January 1st, 2009, there were only two states that had made same-sex marriage legal.  And now today, we have tripled that number.  Sure last week we had a minor set-back in California, but that was then and this is now.  We have reminded our opponents that though they might have won the battle in California for now, but we are far from giving up.  The tide is turning, and our opposition is on the run attempting to set up defensive positions to try and stop us.  But it will all be in vain because as we gain more ground, the populace starts to become aware of the lies and deceit that our opponents have told them.  The momentum has been placed back with us, and we must seize upon it to make sure that we continue to move forward and not give up.  We should make it a goal to add one or two more states into our column by the end of the year.  It can be done.  It is up to all of us to do.  We must prove that we are built granite tough just like the granite state itself and that the state’s motto, “Live Free or Die,” echoes within our hearts.

It’s been almost 221 years since New Hampshire took the bold step in a new form of national government, and yet even today, it still lives up to that reputation.  My thanks to the legislators, the governor, the populace, and all who made yesterday possible and took the stand that all citizens should be equal.  It was bold, daring, and it was tough.  But you proved that The Granite State is up for the challenge.

The fight is far from over across our nation, and now with momentum at our backs, we will continue to move forward.   Gandhi said this, which seems to be appropriate for such a day, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  Yesterday, the people of New Hampshire won, and today, we carry ourselves forward with our heads held high and the wind at our backs.


One Response to Granite Tough

  1. Elizabeth Beier says:

    I remember this day well.
    I was out canvassing for gay rights… it was early in the EQCA campaign. I had just witnessed a hate crime towards an African American man while on the clock and called the police, when you sent me a text letting me know that gay marriage was now legal in NH.
    Just goes to show you… the civil rights movement goes on, but we are far, far, far from finished.

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