More Than A Sense of Pride

What does pride mean to you?  The answers to this can range from something simple to something complex.  One of the definitions that can be found in the dictionary is “a group or family.”  As a Leo, I can full relate to that definition.  Nothing is more important to a lion than his pride.

We might all seem like various individuals, and that we don’t all relate.  But, in a sense, we do.  We are all part of a pride…the LGBT pride.  And this year, our family has reason to celebrate even more than it has in year’s past.  Our pride is on the move and gaining new territory at faster speeds.  Those that have stood in our way for years suddenly find themselves retreating.  The pride has rallied to our just cause.  So PrideFest should be a time of great celebration and a chance for us all to get out and meet other parts of our big family….our pride.  Sure, we probably won’t get along with everyone or all the different parts, but we must remember that we are all fighting together for the same thing.  So it is important to remember that we all belong to the same pride and that it’s time for us to gather and celebrate all that unites us.

Maybe you’ve been going to PrideFest for years, maybe this will be your first year, or maybe you’ve never given it much thought.  In any case, this year, and every year, I strongly encourage all to attend PrideFest.  It’s a chance to be social and maybe make new friends.  It’s a chance for all of us to realize that we part of a larger family…a community… a pride.

Our movement lives and breathes with every single one of us.  It is ultimately up to us if we succeed or if we fail.  So we need everyone to be a part of it, and the best way to determine the course of history can start at PrideFest where you can see that you are more than a little voice but rather part of a loud roar.  In the words of Senator Edward Kennedy, “The hope still lives and the dream shall never die.”  So ask yourself this… Are you involved in your own future?  Are you part of our pride?  Whether yes or no, the place you need to be is PrideFest.  A continuation or a new start, in either case, we need you.  So….I ask you again….what does pride mean to you?


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