The Maine Offensive

A few months ago, we had set up a defensive position.  We were tired of falling back.  The troops were becoming demoralized.  We were fighting a losing battle on most fronts…barely withstanding the enemy’s barrage.  But now, it is amazing how the tides of battle have turned.  No longer are we in defensive positions….now it is us who is on the offense of this war….and it is the enemy that is withdrawing and trying to take up defensive positions.

We were stationed around Massachusetts and Connecticut.  California had already been lost, but we are regrouping our forces.  We launched three new offensives….Iowa, Vermont, and Maine.  And now those states are now with us.  Now we look to New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey.  We look to surround the state of Rhode Island and to initiate a seige to get the state that was founded because of religious persecution in the Massachusetts Bay Colony to recognize the correct side of history.  And we haven’t forgotten about California as we are currently waiting on at the moment.  What once was considered a long shot is now being achieved.  In the course of a just a few months, we have turned the tides….and we have done it together.

Let history know that 2009 marked a turning point in our fight.  No longer are we taking defensive positions.  We are on the offense….and the enemy is going to run for cover.  We have the attack plan.  We have the momentum.  The moment is ours to take.

We have even launched our efforts against the federal government to start knocking away the barriers there that have been built.  And we are starting to meet with some success.  We must continue our efforts.  And though we cannot succeed with everyone at once, we must be persistent to our goals.  Every little thing can be a small victory in our overall strategy.  We must attack and win the battles that are feasible, and yet be willing to sit back and wait for the most prime and opportune moments for other battles.

In order to keep the momentum going, we need everyone…the entire LGBT community to stand up and to take part.  It is for all of us that we are fighting not just a lone individual.  So take a stand and be a part of history.  George Washington once said, “If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.”  Well, the war started years ago….and for once, we are within an extended and successful offensive maneuvers.  The opposition doesn’t know what to do since we’ve caught them so off-guard.  So we must continue to press on.  We must not yield any ground in which we have won.

Our time is now.  Our cause has become just.  And with time, it is growing stronger.  Our offensive attack has only just begun.  For it is the LGBT community that will be victorious when the final surrender occurs and the smoke clears from the final battlefield.  We have the troops.  We have the artillery and ammunition.  We have the battle plans, and we are poised and ready.  So FIX BAYONETS AND CHARGE THE ENEMY LINES!!  And don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!


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