The Cornhusker State Says Yes

Words still cannot describe the extreme amount of jubilation that I feel this late morning.  The beacon of light has spread out of New England and has landed in Iowa of all places.  This morning, the Iowa State Supreme Court upheld a verdict by a lower court that stated that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.

Now this probably isn’t the end of the road just yet.  First, it will take 3 weeks before the state will begin to administer marriage licenses.  And second, the opponents of gay marriage will try to get an amendment stuck on the next election ballot so the people can have a say in the matter.

So for now, Iowa is going to start shining really bright out here in the Midwest.  And I hope other states can see the shining example of what has been done on this morning.  Now, all eyes turn back to Vermont and New Hampshire.  We should learn our fate in Vermont within the next week.

So go Iowa, and if this does make it to a ballot measure, I hope that you can show the rest of the country how truly progressive your state and your people truly are.  Today is a glorious day!!



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