Response to Inappropriate Comments

Dear Mr. Buttars,

I’m writing to you today over remarks that you stated the other week that the LGBT community is “probably the greatest threat to America” and that we are a society with no morals, and that we seek to destroy the foundation of American society. With all due respect, this kind of language isn’t really appropriate for an elected official to be saying in public. Basically, what you have stated are stereotypes, and bad ones at that. Stereotypes are easy to fall victim to…especially from an uneducated public on the subject at hand.

To say that the LGBT community has no morals is completely illogical.  I, myself, have a very strong moral compass. I know right from wrong…the same as you do…and from good and bad. And I thank my parents for giving me a strong education so I can think and make judgments for myself instead of having other people tell me how I should think or feel. I was even raised Catholic and believe in God to this very day, and that can still be seen in the way I approach various subjects and in my daily life. I’m always there to help out friends, and I give what I can to charitable organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I see the problems facing our world, and I wish I could do more to help. If this isn’t the foundation of good morals, then I don’t what is…and I would also think that you don’t either in that case.

One of the worst things you could have spoken was calling us the greatest threat to America and that we wish to destroy the foundation of American society. There are brave men and women currently fighting in our wars overseas to preserve the very nature of our society from people who really do seek to destroy our nation. I am proud to be an American…to have been born and raised here.

As a person that studies early American History, I would have to say that the foundation of our society lies within the Declaration of Independence…

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Mr. Buttars, we will probably never agree on LGBT issues, and that’s OK. One of the great things about our society is that we don’t have to agree with each other, but we do have to learn to respect each other. Between both sides of this issue, I think, respect has been lost. We get lost in the quagmire that we are speaking such vile and hateful words about our fellow Americans. Sure, we can think and feel any way that we wish to, and my goal here hasn’t been to change your beliefs but rather to convince you to respect other people and the difference we all have. I could have easily sat here tonight and wrote a very different letter to you, but I chose to take the high road because sinking to the low of hated speech would not accomplish anything.

You are an elected official and represent everyone in your area no matter what. I think it is important for all of your constituents to know that they can talk to you about issues at hand and know that you are respectfully listening to them even if you don’t agree with them.  And my biggest piece of advice to you would be to stop listening and repeating stereotypes. It only adds to more trouble and adds more fuel to the fire, and that is definitely something we don’t need. I encourage you to get to know some in the LGBT community or even hire some on your staff. I think that if you get to know some of us that those stereotypes would sink away as you realize that we aren’t really different deep down inside.

There are real threats out there in the world against our nation and the foundation of our society, and you shouldn’t be passing the blame onto the LGBT community. We stand ready to fight and preserve our nation as much as you are. The hallowed halls of history have led us to the 21st century. And it is up to us to adapt to this new century and to leave our past behaviors behind us. If we cannot change, then time will pass our society by, and we will be from a bygone era.

I thank you for your time, and hope, that even thought we don’t agree on LGBT issues, that we can learn to respect each other. We are all Americans would over our country. We are all one people…with one voice.





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