This story broke late on Tuesday.  The US House of Representatives passed a resolution apologizing to African-Americans for slavery and the era of Jim Crow.  This is the first time a branch of the federal government has done so.  Now does anyone else find it simply ironic that our House of Representatives can take time to do this when our nation is in dire need of some major help right now to apologize to a group of people for being discriminated against while they are discriminating against another group of people?

Now I’m not saying that the African American community doesn’t deserve an apology.  They were treated really badly for a long time and under the worse conditions imaginable.  But why are we apologizing for discrimination with the right hand while the left hand is still doing it?

Somehow….and you gotta hand it to them for keeping this streak going for so freakin’ long….but our government has a way of being really late with things and doing it all half-assed.  It begs for the 3 letter question….WTF??

Gays can’t serve in the military, gays can’t donate blood (openly), gays can’t marry, in some places gays can’t adopt, in some places gays can be fired for being gay.  So when do they come in and take away my voting rights?  When do they take away my freedom of speech?  When do they take away my civil liberties?  The answer is when I sit back and let them….and that day isn’t today and I can guarantee that it won’t be tomorrow either.

I’m glad that some branch of the federal government was able to suck it up and apologize for the way it mishandled things in the past.  Better late than never, I suppose.  But don’t expect a pat on the back for a job well done.  Because our federal government has a long way to go before getting it right.  They need to stop living in the past and playing to the past.  It’s time to live in the now and look toward the future…and just remember and learn from past mistakes so as not to repeat them again.  Somehow, in our government, this lesson seems to get lost.  We tend to keep repeating the same mistake of discrimating against some group of people….and this is trend that we need to stop.

When you discriminate a group of people in a society….or make a group feel like second-class citizens in their own nation, there is only a short amount of time before that group gets to the breaking point.  Put yourself in that group’s shoes….if your not part of it already. How would you feel if someone took away your rights, made sure you weren’t equal to the rest of society….and put all of that on something that you have no control over (i.e. hair color, eye color, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, age).  I’m sure you would begin resisting such treatment.

So maybe before any more such apologies are issued by the federal, state, and local governments for any form of discrimination in the past, maybe they should look at the recent discrimination laws they just put on the books over the past 8-10 years….and get rid of them.  And then apologize for all forms of discrimination in society.  Discrimination and inequality is wrong no matter what.  It deters from a greater society and society cannot function at its fullest so long as we let this form of injustice continue.


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