Oh California!!

Yesterday, the California State Supreme Court made an historic ruling when it ruled 5-4 that the state could not legally deny gays the right to marry.  The most populous state could become the 2nd state to legalize gay marriage.  The earliest the ruling could take effect is 30 days.

The ruling is already being challenged by anti-gay groups…of course, claiming that the court overstretched itself in its ruling.  Technically, these groups neede to go back and learn what these courts are supposted to be doing.  The legislature writes the laws, the executive enforces them, and the judicial interprets the laws.  The California Supreme Court made its ruling saying that laws banning gay marriage violated the state’s constitution….which is exactly what the state supreme court is supposed to do.  So go bark your non-sense about the court overstretching itself to someone who’s dumb and doesn’t know how government works.

Now, they haven’t used the phrase “activist judges”…and why you might ask.  It’s quite simple.  The California State Supreme Court is ruled by Republicans.  Yes, Republicans made this decision.  Don’t die of shock.  I was surprised to read this.  And, of course, they groups (typically backers of the Republican Party) wouldn’t dare call their judges “activist judges.”  Heaven forbid.

Now these anti-gay groups are hoping to convince the state supreme court to hold off it’s decision into effect until after the fall election…where they are hoping to have an amendment on the ballot that would null and void the decision just reached.  No word yet at this time as to what they will decide to do.

This is still monumental though and a huge victory for equal rights.  The court did exactly what it was supposed to do….made sure that other laws don’t violate the state constitution…and I applaud the justices for standing up and doing what’s right….including the Republican justice(s) that mad the right decision.

Anti-gay groups are continuing to fight on, but we are on the offensive and making ground.  Step by step….we are marching forward.  They might think that the court is making the will of the majority go by the opinions of the few.  But whoever said that the will of the majority is right to start with?  When the opinions of the few stand up for what is right…then it should be done.  Remember, originally, civil rights was an opinion of the few….and it was triumphant and it was right.  And now we stand on that now.

I pray to you, the good people of California.  Let’s make this stand together.  Stand up for what is right…not what is popular.  For as long as their is inequality, we can never achieve greatness.  So let the court hear now that is should go forward with it’s ruling right now….and then help defeat the discriminatory amendment that is trying to be put in your state’s constitution.  Stand up and be proud to be one of the state’s that could help lead the way for equality.  It is now up to you….and together we shall make our stand.  It’s equality now, equality tomorrow….and equality forever!!


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