More Than One

I’ve actually been running this blog over and over again in my mind for the past few weeks.  It concerns the polygamist compound raided in Texas a few weeks ago.  And I’m probably like most of you in thinking ‘eww…..that’s just wrong’ whenever I hear of polygamy, but then my other side of my brain started to kick in.

Sure, I might believe that polygamy is wrong, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.  It’s wrong for me, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to think that way.  When we are part of a majority way of thinking, we tend to forget that our way isn’t always the right way.  I put it in context for me…the majority of people think being gay is a choice or a lifestyle and can be changed and is wrong.  I don’t think that way….obviously….but I know better.  And I even have straight friends that don’t think that way because they have a logical side to their brain, as well. Now, some do think it is wrong but they don’t really care if I’m gay because it doesn’t effect them, so they just let it be.  Though being gay isn’t a choice….polygamy is but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong just because the majority of the people say it is.

So though I don’t really agree with polygamy, it is not my place to shun or to put down the people that do practice it.  It’s none of my business or anyone else’s for that matter….so long as everyone is of legal age and is going into it knowing all the facts and there are no secrets about it.

Now what was going on in Texas was wrong because the girls were under the legal age and were being forced to marry and have sex with middle-aged men, and basically being forced to do whatever the men wanted.  Men had free reign to do whatever and go wherever while the women had to stay on the compound.  They were basically prisoners.  Sure, the women might have gone in willingly, but the children weren’t given a choice afterwards (though they were scared of the outside world from the information they were fed from the older people).  Now, if this was happening outside of the compound, those men would be arrested and tried (and probably convicted) of being a pedophile from having sex with underage girls.  And I do think that they should be held accountable.

But I must also remind myself that what these people did is much different than the subject of polygamy. And it is imperative that I keep the two separate from each other while I form my own opinions.  I form my opinions and you will form yours…and though you might not agree with polygamy (such as I don’t), you have to realize that not everyone is going to follow the line of monogamy which has been put into our heads as the right course of action.  Some people just choose that other course, and they have the right to do so….and it’s not for us to judge and say it’s wrong because they don’t agree with us.  It’s simply none of our damn business because it really doesn’t concern us.  And we need to stop concentrating on so many other people’s lives and more on our own….especially when it is something that is none of our freakin’ business.


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