Hate Speech

Dear Ms. Kern,

I must admit that I am shocked and appalled by the words I have heard you speak. To think that those words of hate came from the mouth of an elected official is very disturbing. Apparently I missed the memo that said gay people are worse than a terrorist. I guess I must have been on vacation from work in the news business when gay people attacked America.

You say studies have shown that societies that have totally embraced homosexuality have lasted for no more than a few decades. Really? I think we as a society would like to see those studies because quite frankly, we think you pulled them out of no where. And you also state that being gay means that we are more prone to having health issues and that heterosexual people live longer. I hate to burst your bubble on this one. HIV/AIDS is just as big in the heterosexual world as it is in the homosexual world as are other STDs. There’s really no difference in the two. And as for straight people living longer, now you know as well as I do that that was a pile of BS. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that a study was broadcasted on the news that stated there was no correlation on the longevity on someone’s life and their sexual orientation.

Now yes, the US Constitution gives you the right to the freedom of speech, so you have the right to think and say as you wish. Though, we as your employers (especially those in the state of Oklahoma) have the right not to listen. This country was founded on principles that ALL people are created equal. And yet, there you sit denying equal rights to your fellow Americans….to your fellow citizens, and you cast them off as second-class citizens without knowing anything else about them.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once dreamed of a world where people wouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That message still reverberates through our nation to this very day…but with entirely new meaning. We don’t wish to be judged by our sexual orientation but by the type of people we are. You can stereotype us all you want, but if you actually took time to come out of your little bubble of a world and get to know some of us, you would realize that we are not much different than yourself. We go to work, we pay our bills and our taxes, we enjoy time off with family and friends, and some of us even worship God.

We all wish to love someone…and we wish to be loved back in the same way. What gives you the right to be so critical of the way other people, who’s personal lives have nothing to do with you? And no, just because you’re a congresswoman doesn’t give you that right because that title can be easily stripped away by the voters. There’s an old saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Frankly, Ms. Kerns, I don’t think you are above sin. You do it every day just as much as the rest of us do. So quite frankly, I really don’t see how you can act all high and mighty as if you are better than other people.

Hate is divisive, and it is hate that destroys societies…not being gay. You can actually review history for evidence of that one. Sure, there are some gays that are being elected to local, state, and even federal offices. So what? All that proves is that those communities….those people….are enlightened and can look beyond someone’s sexual orientation to the kind of person they really are….which is what we should all do as voters when determining who our elected officials are.

And as for your school clubs and organizations amendment, just because a person is involved in a gay club or organization doesn’t mean they are themselves. It just means they are more enlightened that you could ever dream to be. And sadly for you, the new generation that is coming to be is more enlightened than the generation….your generation….that is going out. And you can preach all you want on how bad it is, but people of today are getting smarter and more enlightened, and they are putting a stop to the spreading of this hatred and bigotry.

I’m not asking you to change your beliefs. We are all entitled to them without any reason. What is necessary, though, is tolerance. This is something that I did not hear in your speech. There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance. Acceptance means you agree with it altogether; whereas, tolerance means that you might not agree but you understand that some people do, and you let it be. Tolerance is a very powerful tool, and you can find out that it is a more powerful tool than hatred ever can be. You are no better than anyone else in this world, and it’s time you stop judging people. We can achieve so much more as a society if we can learn to embrace each other and tolerate our differences rather than resorting to hatred to keep us divided.

Homosexuality is not a threat to our nation. It can show the world how much of an enlightened people we truly are. We say we accept all, but in reality, we don’t. And our true enemies realize this and take advantage of it. So shouldn’t we put our words into true practice? Isn’t it better to lead by example than the point of the bayonet?

My time here is at a close. I do say again that hatred of any kind is not acceptable at any time or any place. It is what will truly destroy our society if we cannot learn to accept each other’s differences. Just because you don’t like homosexuality doesn’t mean you have to go out and give a speech about how we are the evil of the nation and other anti-gay/bigot sentiments. Keep your opinions to yourself (since you are not elected to voice your opinion), and let the people — individually — decide how they want to think. You’d find out that the majority of the people can think just fine for themselves. And though there are setbacks on certain days, we are marching toward equality. Social evolution cannot be stopped…it can only be slowed by those that are narrow-minded.

I thank you for your time. And I hope and I pray….that you will start think of other people before you start speaking out against them. All it takes for hatred and evil to win in this world is for good people to sit back and do nothing. And that is why I have written.



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Here is her contact information: phone — (405) 557-7348; email — sallykern@okhouse.gov; address — 2713 Sterling Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73127


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