Freedom of Speech….Difference of Opinion

This entry mostly comes from a local story that was in our news in the past couple of days, but I have a few things to say about this.  So you can read the actual news article if you wish.  It might help you understand what I’m going on about.

First of all, Archbishop Burke needs to take that huge rod out of his ass.  Mostly, no one really cares what he thinks.  This whole thing started when St. Louis University (SLU) basketball coach Rick Majerus attended a rally for Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton and said in an interview that he was pro-choice and is an advocate for stem-cell research.  Now…SLU is a private school…and though located in the St. Louis Archdiocese, it is NOT operated by the archdioces.  Instead it is operated by the Jesuits….a world-wide order of priests within the Catholic Church.

The archbishop wants the university to punish the coach because the coach’s views don’t coincide with the views of the Catholic Church.  Now wait a minute and correct me here if I’m wrong.  But I thought we had the right to form our own opinions and express them as we see fit.  Of course….the right wing doesn’t see this.  You have to agree with them, and if you don’t, then you should be punished because they are always right and if you disagree with us, then you are wrong.


And this actually got into a heated debated between my mother and myself.  My mother thinks he should be fired….and thinks the bishop will have him fired. I say that if he is, he should bring about a lawsuit.  Even though it’s a private organization, he still has the right to form his own opinions and express them to the public as a private citizen just as much as any student at that university or any of us in the public does.  Now, if he had done during a basketball game or at a press conference after a game or some other school function, then I would say that is out of line since at that point, you are representing that school.  But what you do outside of work is your own and you are allowed to express your views however you want.  It’s no different than a studen putting a video up on YouTube saying that he’s pro-choice and for stem-cell research….or no different than me posting on my blog (though I don’t go to the university).  Students are representatives of the school as well. But their time away from school is just like the coach’s…private.  And he can do with it as he wishes…which does include going to a Hillary Clinton rally if that is his candidate of choice.

To work someplace, you don’t have to agree with them on their stance on things.  Before Majerus came to SLU, he taught in Utah… Mormons. And it’s doubtful he agreed with all of their beliefs, to.  And look at me for a minute…one of the companies I work for is probably the second-most conservative media company around (second to FOX News)….and yet, I refuse to agree with the company on many issues since they follow the conservative wing  blindly.  And they would probably have a field day with my views that I express on here countless times. However, being that I write my political blogs on my own time away from work, they don’t get any say in the matter.  So why should this be any different??

It technically shouldn’t.  The archbishop just wants to raise a big fuss about it….simply put, the archbishop just likes to raise a big fuss about anything that goes against the Catholic Church.  The problem for him is….no one is really listening anymore because he’s just flapping at the mouth.  No one in the media even picked up the story really (except for the initial interview where the coach’s views were expressed) until after the archbishop raised a big fuss about it.  So had he kept his mouth shut, the majority of the public wouldn’t have even known about it.  And even though we do now….we honestly don’t care.

I know I don’t honestly care.  I mean, he’s allowed to express his views any way he so chooses….even if he doesn’t agree with me or the Church or anything.  The First Amendment does guarantee us the freedom of speech.  And sorry…but once off school property and when not attending a school function, he’s allowed to express himself in any way he so chooses.  If the archbishop and the Church don’t agree with it, then that’s just tough.

The archbishop wants him to be punished…but as the article said…SLU is not operated by the archdiocese.  So WTF??  The archbishop technically has no control over the matter.  So he just needs to shut up and get that huge rod out of his fat ass. Who the hell cares if he doesn’t agree with you or the Church??  Your views aren’t necessarily right just because you think they are.  Why don’t you go try to cure hunger and poverty in Africa??  It’s a much more worthy use of your time than attacking someone for his views.

And, as I said earlier….if they try to fire Majerus because of his views and that he expressed them in public, he should bring about a massive lawsuit…since they are violating his First Amendment privileges.  And kudos to SLU’s initial statement saying that the coach’s statement were his own.  That they were….and that he did have the right to state.


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