Boomerang Karma

OK.  This finally had to be said.  But is it really any surprise to anyone that those people out there who have been adamantly against myself and the rest of the gay community are nothing more than just lying hypocrits??

We’ll start off with the Republican Party.  The Republicans were supposed to be the party of morals and blah, blah, blah.  Yet for six years the Republicans have controlled Congress and the presidency and have yet to invoke any laws really against us on the federal level mainly thanks to the Democrats who have been blocking all such attempts.  But now we are starting to see the real Republican party….a party that is full of nothing but hypocrits and liars.  And for the sake of all of this, we’ll just start with former Representative Mark Foley….a Republican from Florida.  And he has gotten caught sending explicit emails to underage congressional pages.  Now, I say ‘former’ because he resigned as quickly as this scandal came to the surface.  Though he is gay himself, it is highly doubtful that he voted in favor of pro-gay laws and vote for the anti-gay ones….simply to hide who he really was.  But who could blame him…right??  I mean, wouldn’t u try to hide who u really are if you were a gay child molestor??  What makes it worth, is that Republican Congressional leaders (Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert…and even my own Congressman, who is head of the Page Board) knew of Foley’s immoral acts for over a year but did nothing to stop him.  Now during all of this time, Congress was trying to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment for the US Constitution.  So your hiding a gay child molestor amongst your ranks while trying pass anti-gay laws because it is the “moral” thing to do.  Not really buying it right yet….gotta tell ya.

And now since all of this has come to the surface, we’ve found out that we have at least one gay Republican Congressman (not Mark Foley either).  OMG!!  The world must be coming to an end!!  How could we have overlooked this!!  A republican who has been adamantly against any laws that are pro-gay is gay himself.  Who would’ve thought??  And Senator Rick Santorum….a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, who has been a big voice against anything pro-gay has actual gay staff workers.  OMG!!  “Mr. Morality” has gay staff workers.  So, I guess it’s ok to have gay workers but heaven forbid we actually give them rights and make them feel like actual American citizens.  (Also, to be fair….there is at least one gay Democrat in the House of Representatives….and that is Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.)

Now, I’m not just gonna sit here and chastise the Republican party.  I’ve also got the religious right in my line of fire today.  The religous right have been quite adamantly against the gay community and the gay agenda since at least 2000 when everything was brought up.  It’s all immoral, as they say.  And they’ve been the ones that have been electing our Republican Congress and even elected Bush twice (though I use the word twice very loosely).  And now we’re finding out that some of these church leaders have had interactions with gay boys.  I used the word “interactions” to be nice, too.  But let’s break it all down.  There was gay sex involved, drugs, and massages.  Of course, the church official that has been in the news lately has said there was only drugs and massages going on in the hotel room.  Uh-huh….right.  Tell it to someone who isn’t gay, you hypocrit.  You were too doped up on meth to realize that the two of you were having sex.  He probably gave you oral sex, and you probably fucked the hell out of his ass.  But it is doubtful that you remember this because of all the drugs.  So you probably can’t be considered a liar since you really don’t remember what happened.  So we’ll stick with hypocrit for now.

And when the Mark Foley scandal broke in Washington, the religious right jumped right into work saying that he molested those boys because he’s gay….and all gay guys are child molestors.  OOPS!!  Big mistake there.  Should’ve done their homework first….but figuring most Americans wouldn’t know better, they figured what the hell.  The majority of child molestors are straight guys.  Statistics do show that.  Secondly, the whole ordeal with Mark Foley had nothing to do with him being gay….it wasn’t a gay or a straight issue in the least bit.  It had everything to do with Foley being a sick, disgusting man than needs major help….and should possibly do some jail time for his actions.  But since its an election year, the religious right tried to help their candidates by saying it was all because he was gay….trying to frighten the rest of the American population.  Unfortunately for them, after nearly six years of this, the American people are starting to see the light and not falling for their tricks so easily.  Even Republicans and some of the more moderate of the religious right are noticing this.  So nice try….but you failed.

So I go back to my original question….which I guess I got from watching Bill Maher the other night.  Does it really surprise anyone that the biggest of the gaybashers out there are turning out to be liars and hypocrits??  To me…not really.  It’s just karma coming around to bite them in the ass for being such dicks to American citizens that are different than “the norm.”


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